Project design

We offer full service mystery shopping which means we help you from project design stage through to report design, interpretation of results and action planning. We cover all the key touchpoints where your staff interact with your customers – face to face, on the telephone or online. We can guide you on how to set service standards, how to evaluate whether those standards are really being implemented at the front-line and when to raise the bar.


We have a large UK wide field-force. The panel is broadly representative of the UK population which means we can profile to ensure mystery shoppers appear typical and credible. We encourage shoppers to write detailed supporting commentary on their assignments so that we can piece together their full customer experience.

Action oriented reporting

We aim to provide more than just data. We help you design a reporting system which will help you action plan, motivate your staff and inform your strategy. Mystery shopping feedback should highlight quick wins as well as longer term strategic initiatives. It should generate a system of continuous improvement which matches the increasingly demanding expectations of your customers.


We also provide supporting services including:

  • Workshops to inform, train and engage staff.
  • Customer journey planning
  • Customer research